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20 thoughts on “Traveling to the “Worst” Country in Europe

  1. Hi friends 🙂 we’ve already called Mikhail a few times since we left! He even found someone who could FaceTime us because he wanted to see our faces. The man truly is a problem solver! On a personal note, I was scared to take on so much travel without Ammar as he’s working on our big Iceman of Antarctica documentary, so I’m really grateful for all the amazing support I’ve felt behind all of these recent stories whether through watching, commenting, liking the videos or going as far as repping Seek Discomfort clothing, it is all appreciated. Much love to you all and see you in September once we’re back from break!! 💕

    1. Everything about this was great to watch. Waving goodbye to grandpa brought tears to my eyes. But I laughed a lot. I’m glad you’ve kept in touch with him.
      You have a new fan and I look forward to your other videos. ♥️ from Ottawa 🇨🇦

  2. Lmao I love the way he was like “what do you want >:I” and then immediately started sharing his life story

  3. The grandpa is the best thing I’ve seen on this channel. You guys are just the best!!Bless your hearts

  4. Why does Moldova have an statue of she wolf from Romulus and Remus in 3:48 ? Were they part of the Roman empire back in the days ?

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