Start learning language with Busuu here: πŸ’» Web: πŸ“± Mobile: Thanks to Busuu for sponsoring this video. Well, there has been a LOT going on in my travel planning brain recently! In this video, I give you an update of what I’ve been up to in my life at the moment and where I’ve been traveling as well as where I’m going next and how my brain has gone about the planning process! THAILAND DIVE RETREAT JAN/FEB 2023 – SHOP πŸ› πŸ’» My Digital Products – πŸ‘š My Clothing Line – πŸŽ’ My Backpacking Essentials – πŸŽ₯ My Vlogging Equipment – πŸ–₯ My Home Office Set-Up – DEALS πŸ€‘ πŸ‡¦πŸ‡Ί Get $50 off Melbourne and Sydney tours using code BB50. πŸ”’ Get latest Surfshark VPN deal using code BACKPACKING. 🌏Get $10 off Worldpackers memberships using my code BACKPACKINGBANANAS. JOIN 🌎 πŸ’Œ Banana Newsletter – ⌨️ Backpackers Forum – πŸ—Ί Group Trips – SUPPORT πŸ₯° β˜•οΈ Buy me a coffee – πŸ‘πŸ½ Or simply Like, Comment, Share my videos and Subscribe (it’s your support that allows me to continue creating quality content for this channel, thank you so much in advance ❀️) πŸ“· Instagram: ⏰ TikTok: ABOUT MEπŸ™‹πŸ»β€β™€οΈ I’m Christianne, a solo traveller, vlogger and entrepeneur from Surrey, UK. I spend half my time exploring new places around the globe with my backpack, and the other half creating videos about my experiences, what I’m packing, solo travel advice, money budgeting tips and anything else in relation to my backpacking lifestyle. Get to know me more here – FAQ’s How do you afford to travel? – I now earn a full time living through creating these YouTube videos, affiliate links, selling digital products and my clothing line. I used to simply just work any temporary job I could find to save up to travel! I budget the money I earn meticulously to reach my savings goals using Is travelling solo safe? – I would argue the answer is almost always yes! As long as you use your common sense and you follow your own government’s guidelines about travelling in that country. I have made several videos on backpacking safety on my channel. Do you have plans to settle down? Yes, I’m currently saving to purchase my first property in the UK and I’d love to have children one day. I doubt I’ll ever live a completely ‘conventional’ lifestyle by society’s standards though, as I often have my own preferred way of doing things. CONTACT πŸ“§ If you have a question about travel, join the backpackers forum! EMAIL: Business enquiries only please – [email protected] Some of the links in the description are affiliate links that I get a small kickback from.

16 thoughts on “travel + life update (plan my next trip with me!)

  1. I’ve been researching backpacking Peru for several months then got cold feet and put it on the backburner. Recently got my first Osprey bag and when I was looking at another bag on the site it featured a Peru travel book in the promo picture and now I’m watching your video about traveling to Peru. Might be time to revisit 😁

  2. Yayy loveeeed watching this and SO excited because I will be in Peru at the same time as you this year!

  3. Absolutely wonderful to listen to you and your dreams! You remind me of myself when I was your age as far as traveling – the only difference, is you’re actually doing it! I bought the house instead πŸ˜‰ So, since I still don’t know what I want to be when I grow up, I think I”m going traveling πŸ™‚

  4. Ahahahah I love how messy your process of choosing a destination is. Reminds me so much of how I end up with backpacking plans. Xx

  5. Just throwing it out there but Peru hop is a really interesting option for travel around Peru. I have heard great things and honestly that would be my plan going to Peru.

  6. Enjoy your travels.. I hope someday you can remake new adventures again in Colombia. It has inspired me to travel as well. Awesome work!!

  7. I love your videos I’ve been watching you since I was 12 and now I’m 15 you’ve inspired me to backpack and now I have a whole plan for the future. I’m so grateful for you for showing me this backpacking world, now im looking for jobs to earn money to backpack when im 18

  8. If you want to improve your Spanish before you leave; Learn Spanish via YT and Netflix. That will also work better than apps. So best is ofc together. But my best tip; chat with someone who is Spanish and use WhatsApp; so you can use voice memos! Then you need to speak Spanish, instead of writing. And you will become more fluent. It is proven. Only a real person can teach you that. πŸ™‚

    1. Okay explanation. I learned English this year. Started also with an app (several apps exactly); Nothing for me. Always 100% right, but I didn’t become that fluent speaker. Bc of what I just explained.
      Then I started with watching Netflix, without de Dutch subtitles, but the English instead; to focus on the grammar. And after a week I skipped the subtitles. And repeated what they where saying (luckily I live alone haha). Started with conversations in my Insta inbox; with my English followers. And added one girl in my Whatsapp list. Talked so much with her for days/1 week. After 5 weeks..I speak it fluently now. And have just returned from a trip through Europe (2 months). Many asked me if I am English. But they didn’t believe me that I had just learned it (myself) and it only took me X weeks. But I know; Learning English for me is still way easier than learning Spanish for you and tbh; also me haha. Learning Spanish can’t be compared with Dutch people learning English. – This is much harder. That is why I mainly think that a “WhatsApp friend/teacher” can really give you that last push. Because you can already(!) do it much better than you think. But it is often a matter of “doing”. If you then only use voice memos to respond (because you “talk” to people when you travel), you are forced to cross that threshold already and accelerate your skills. – Especially with some Spanish series in the evening or music in bed. But that only works if you also learn to speak, like in real life/during your travels. – so not only an app with premeditated conversations. But real conversations, with unexpected questions. So that you suddenly start giving your personal answers and not what the app tells you; However, the app can help and guide you to better understand the grammar. So it’s a plus-plus. But someone who is native Spanish will be able to help you best of course (and should also dare to correct you). Ask one of your followers. I absolutely believe there is someone who will help/guide you! And if you don’t want to give your number; Then I think Telegram also has a voice option (I don’t use that myself, but as far as I could find on Google ;P).
      It’s a tip. Do what you want with it, of course! But I wanted to help you because I see how much you want this (otherwise I wouldn’t bother :)) And I really think, bc of your motivation and how far you already are; you can become that fluent speaker πŸ™‚

  9. hey @christianne, great video! Excited to see your Peru trip! I’ve been trying to get a hold of your customer service for Solo items i bought weeks ago, but to no reply. Where is the best way to contact you?

  10. I love how you explain your thoughts as they happened! I plan my travels in a very similar too haha. I loved this catch up video πŸ˜€

  11. omg im going to peru in october, i really really hope we cross paths, you’ve been my biggest inspiration to travel as much as i have and plan to

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